Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ignore the wrapping, it’s what’s inside that counts.

One of the things I talk about is how often times if the “gift” the Universe sends us isn’t wrapped to our liking, we may not take the time to open it. Well, this article is me experiencing my own example of this and sharing it with you.

I had lunch with a dear friend and colleague in a small suburban town near the car dealer where I took my car to have my oil changed. He was gracious enough to pick me up from the car dealer, we had a wonderful lunch and he dropped me off to pick up my car afterwards. I started to head home and it dawned on a few months back I was looking for some stones and my friend Steph recommended someone she likes who sells them. I had received an email that they now had a location in the downtown area where we had just eaten lunch, so I decide while I’m in the area I need to check it out.

I tried to call Steph, and no answer. Well, I think to myself, I’ve had the Universe guide me before, so I’ll just ask, and follow the guidance I receive. Blinker on, ready to be led, I make a right turn back down to Main St. (literally.) Here I am driving slowly down Main St., which normally has little traffic, looking from left to right on the store fronts for the name of the “stone lady.” Of course, some nice older gentleman happens to decide to drive down Main St. at this very point in time, but, he is in a hurry and on my bumper. I feel extremely guilty and since most of the shops face the street the first place I can pull over to let him go by, I do. I go to pull out, and nope, a women in a hurry is headed that way, so I patiently let her go on by.

My venture continued up and down streets, calling information who had no listing of that name in that town, sitting in the parking lot searching google on my blackberry, and darn…where are you Universe?

I finally decide, go to Starbucks (I know where the closest one is) and search the web some more, wait for Divine Inspiration, or give up. Grande Decaf Mocha Light Frappuccino in hand I decide to call Steph once more before heading home, a little disappointed my “connection” hadn’t worked. This time, she answered and I had the name close, but wrong, and of course helpful friend that she is, she says let me look it up for you, I’m right in front of my computer. She tells me it’s at 445 Main St. inside “The Brick Street Mall” and I bust out laughing.

Yep, you got it if you saw this coming, the place I pulled over to let the man by was “The Brick Street Mall.” Now, the stone lady’s name was not outside because it is one of those places you share space, but wouldn’t it have made sense for me to park, go inside and ask someone inside if they knew where she was. Not only that, but realize I went to pull out and was told to stay a second time and didn’t listen.

Gotta love the lessons… I was guided but didn’t recognize the answer and was even given a second chance and still didn’t listen. Better than that, if I had just thought to ask another person for help I would have been right where I need to be. You never know in what shape or form the Universe is going to send your answer, so don’t pre-determine how it’s going to work.

The happy ending is since I didn’t give up, (although it could have been a lot easier, I’m the one who made it hard – yet another lesson) I left with lovely stones in hand, that I got at a reasonable price, and a story for all of you to read.

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