Friday, July 16, 2010

Where did that come from?

I was watching something last night on television and there was a scene with the vehicle (not sure what they call it) that hooks up to the plane and pulls it up to the terminal. My initial thoughts went to how years ago people had to walk out to the plane and up steps, and, in some instances and countries you still do.

What occurred to me is that someone had to come up with the idea it was something they wanted to create. Yes, it is more a convenience than a necessity, however, everyone who simply walks down the enclosed ramp into the plane today probably takes it for granted.

Now, think about what must have gone into how it came about. The very first thing had to be the idea, then selling the idea to a lot of different people, figuring out the best and most economical way to produce it, etc. etc.

My point here is what caused it to come into being? It was someone’s idea, their dream, that began with a thought. Maybe they got rained on boarding a plane and decided there must be a better way, whatever initiated the thought was the beginning of it’s existence. The person initially came up with the “what” and that led them into beginning the “how.”

If we did not dream of better ways to do things in our life, I suppose we would all still be living in caves and banging animals on the head with rocks for dinner. Never underestimate your dreams, pay attention to your thoughts and realize we are here to create.

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