Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran for me equals my life and my love

What Veterans Day Means in My Life

Today is a day set aside to honor those who have served our country. I want to share with you how special it is for me and why.

First, my father was in the service during World War II. He actually met my mother in Belgium during the war. They were married when my mom was 17 and she came to this country shortly after the war leaving all family and friends behind. She was what they called a “war bride” and part of a group of many women who bravely followed their soldiers here all in the name of love. I’m sure leaving war torn Europe wasn’t as hard as leaving the people. She couldn’t speak English, but taught herself to read and write it, and one of her favorite stories was about becoming a citizen. I guess my pride is not only in the fact my father served for his country, but the bravery of my mom as well. So, don’t forget to honor those who sacrifice for those who are serving! If you think about it, were it not for his service, I wouldn’t be here writing this.

Next, my husband Harry served in the Navy during the Viet Nam war. He did not leave the states, but served as a hospital room technician at a naval hospital just outside Boston. One of my brothers, Gary, served at the same time, in the same place. I went to visit my brother, and yep, that’s when I met my husband. I knew the minute I saw him we would be married and here we are 37 years later still sharing our life together. So, the Universe sets things up in strange ways doesn’t it?

Because of my father serving…I was born.

Because of my husband and my brother serving…I connected with my soul mate.

Today I celebrate!

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